About Us

CareTakers is recognized for its extensive experience and expertise in the fields of Sales and Marketing, Product Development, Distribution, Service, and Aftersales Service in the healthcare and commercial irradiation sector of Pakistan.

CareTakers was founded in 1996 by professionals having over 38 years of experience and expertise drawn from multinationals. Having several years of experience in the fields of medicine and healthcare including 33 years in Oncology, 32 years in medical imaging, and 18 years in Cardiology, our expertise develops confidence and ultimately strengthens relationships with customers.

CareTakers is dedicated to providing state of the art and quality solutions, cost-effective service, and after-sales support to all customers. Our commitment extends to our partners by providing up-to-date market information and feedback that helps sales growth and improved services.

Area of Expertise

Sales & Marketing

Our vigorous sales and marketing team works on the principle of “generating sales” through education, training, and follow-up support. We assist our valued customers from the beginning of project development to its completion; that gives CareTakers a leap ahead in introducing new and quality brands.

Service and Support

We take pride in challenging ourselves to meet & exceed customer expectations. Our service team is available 24/7 providing assistance remotely via email and phone & onsite service within 24 hours guaranteeing maximum uptime of equipment we supply.

After-sales Services

Our inventory contains all the necessary and routine parts required for the maintenance and smooth functionality of our supplied systems. Our continued support exceeds the system’s standard life span at average lasting long-term relationships with our existing clients and adding a reference for potential customers.

Product Development

CareTakers values partner relationships. Our sales and service team(s) work closely with end-users to get regular feedback and suggestions that help us determine ongoing market trends and identify areas of improvement.